Monday, 20 August 2012

Mia Jade Eilander

On Tuesday 15th May at 12.15pm we welcomed into the world our precious baby daughter, Mia Jade! We give great thanks to God for making all things well and blessing us with this amazing gift of new life! May He give us the strength and wisdom we need as parents to bring up His covenant children in the fear of His Almighty Name!

Mia weighed a healthy 4.015kg and was stretched to 56cm in length! We (mostly me :)....) are loving the world of pink!! Even the boys like to ask 'which headband is Mia wearing today?' :) I am making the most of dressing her up, while she still lets me....

She is a happy little girl; talks and smiles LOTS, which is very cute (except for at 3 in the morning....)! Cooper & Bailey adore her and love having a little sister to kiss, cuddle and talk to!

Here are a few (ok, lots...) of photos of our little princess :) hope you enjoy x

Quick photo before heading to the hospital

Our healthy little chubba bubba!!

Proud daddy with his little princess

2 chubby little faces!! Bailey was more interested in the TV :)

A not so cute photo of our little fatty.....

Very alert little girl

After waiting for soo long for this baby to arrive, he is VERY happy to meet his little sister!

Time to go home :)

first bath at home with dad
Mia's first bedtime story

Pretty little princess in the very special Eilander baptism dress

Cuddles before bed

1 month old & a face full of milk pimples....

Talking to her toys (9 weeks old)

Little Miss Serious

Loves her toys :)

Our happy little cutie pie

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  1. OHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Lori, she is SUCH a CUTIE!! What a little doll! So cant wait to meet her and give you all a big cuddle- bring on December!! Love and miss you all xxxoxoxoxxxoxxox